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I specialize in Product/UX Design with a passion for user research. I am currently a Product Designer at Oracle creating impactful designs in the public safety space for 9-1-1 dispatchers and first responders.

I grew up moving around quite often but spent the last 6 years before college living in Shanghai as an expatriate. I currently reside in Austin, TX! Talk to me about cats (which I seriously know way too much about), travel, or Chinese culture. Always up for a coffee chat to meet new people and learn about different industries. 

I am a U.S citizen and will not require sponsorship/visa.

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What it's like to work with me!

"Stephanie is a fantastic designer and is always willing and ready to learn and take feedback. She takes that feedback graciously and turns work around quickly at a very high quality. The work that she has done since she joined our team has been strong from the beginning, but has continued to get even better as she got more immersed in the public safety space, and gained more confidence in her knowledge and decision making. Stephanie would be an asset to any team, especially one looking for a highly skilled and highly collaborative designer."

- Caitlin Roach
Senior Product Designer @ RapidDeploy

"Steph was an invaluable early member of our team at Tango. As our first Product Designer, Steph worked diligently to take an idea and turn it into something tangible. In the process, she took feedback gracefully, held firm on design principles, and handled remote collaboration effortlessly. We were sad to see her internship end, but we're excited for what the future holds for Steph."

- Ken Babcock
Co-founder @ Tango (Direct manager)

"Stephanie possesses a refreshing sense of curiosity and analytical skills beyond her years of experience. Her eagerness to engage both in 1:1 settings as well as a team collaborator has been especially delightful because of the level of fidelity that her questions investigate and ponder our users' needs as we try to unravel their complexities. Additionally, Stephanie's design shares are solidly informative and contextual driven which is helpful when we're collectively tinkering as a team. She goes above and beyond to frame understanding of difficult problems, listens intently to customer feedback and responds intentionally with numerous thoughtful design proposals.
Stephanie's willingness to explore new ideas and ideate existing concepts is a definite strength that would be an asset to any team... I could, I'd work with her again in a heartbeat."

- Missy Yarbough
Product Designer @ RapidDeploy

"There was a major market project which Stephanie was the lead designer on -- which by itself speaks to her work and the trust Placester already had in her -- and so many people had strong opinions on every aspect of this project. From product, support, marketing, there were so many notes to have to ingest and Stephanie did her best to incorporate all feedback but the contradictions between different voices in the company started impeding the work. Stephanie did an amazing job putting the brakes on the process and gathering the different parts of the business to come to a consensus to create a better design in a single voice. Stephanie makes everyone feel heard, which I can't tell you how important it is for a UX designer to do, and acknowledges their opinion and validates them in her work either to incorporate good ideas, disprove disjointed ones or finds a compromise in her design."

- Nick Capetillo
Lead Product Designer @ Placester (Direct manager)